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Service Agreement Terms of Use
"", "we", "us" or "our" is used for AdviceAl  Online  Danışmanlık  Turizm  San. ve Tic. Ltd. Sti. , incorporated under Turkish Laws and with registered office in Pınarbaşı Mah. Hürriyet cad. Akdeniz Üniversitesi Uluğbey Ar-Ge binası No: 3A/5 Teknokent Antalya
"Platform” means the (mobile) web site which is owned, controlled, maintained and/or published by and where Service is provided.
"Service” is the online booking (including realization of payments) of various products and services provided at times by the Suppliers on the Platform.
"Supplier” means the accommodation provider (e.g. hotel, motel, flat), parks/theme parks, touristic points, museums, sightseeing tours, ship tours, train and bus tours, transfers, tour operators, insurances or any other type of travel or related product and service provided at times for booking on the Platform.
Scope of Service
We ( and affiliated (distribution) partners) provide an online environment where Suppliers can advertise their products and services for booking and Platform visitors can make similar bookings (in other words, booking service). By means of booking via, you shall have a direct (legally binding) contractual relationship with the Supplier with whom you book or (where applicable) purchase a product or service. We shall act exclusively in the capacity of a mediator between you and the Supplier by means of delivering the details of your booking to the respective Supplier(s) and sending a confirmation e-mail to you in the name of the Supplier, as of the moment you complete your booking.
The information we serve while rendering our services are based on the information provided to us by the Suppliers. Basically, facilities are intended to be personally liable for updating all the prices, quota and other information displayed on our Platform as a result of providing access to an external network for Suppliers. Although we show reasonable level of capability and care while rendering our services, not only we cannot analyze and promise that all the information is error-free, complete and accurate (including apparent faults and string errors), but also it is impossible that we are held responsible for any error (caused by any potential (temporary and/or partial) failure, repair, improvement or maintenance work or the other works on our platform), any outage, defective, misleading or delusive information or non-delivery of information. All the suppliers are always responsible that (descriptive) information (including prices and quota) displayed on our Platform is error-free, complete and accurate. Our Platform does not recommend and confirm service quality, service level or score of any Supplier (or its facilities, place, products or services) provided, and it should not be considered otherwise.
Our service is only for personal and non-commercial use. Therefore, reselling for any commercial or competitive activity or purpose, indicating via deep connection, using, copying, tracking, viewing, downloading or reproducing of the content or information, software, bookings, tickets, products and services provided on our Platform are prohibited.
Pricing Policy
Prices on our platform are extremely competitive. Unless otherwise stated on our Platform or in the e-mail/ticket for confirmation purposes, all room prices are mentioned as price per room during your visit, and the VAT and all the other taxes to be settled within the scope of legal regulations of the relevant country due to the services received particularly from the foreign Suppliers (all taxes are included in domestic prices, and these taxes are displayed while booking) shall be stated subsequently and added to the prices by the Supplier during payment. Ticket prices are per person or group, and where applicable, they are subject to validity as stated on the ticket. Where ticket is not used or fee is charged for cancellation, applicable expenses and taxes (including tourist/city tax) might be collected. Current taxes shall be collected if accommodation facility, booking is not used or cancellation fee is collected.
At times, lower prices are provided on our Platform for a specific accommodation, product or service, but these prices, provided by the Suppliers, might be subject to certain limitations and conditions, e.g. where cancellation or return is not available. Please check if there are such conditions by checking the relevant product, service and booking conditions and information in-depth before completing your booking.
Pre-payment, cancellation, unused booking and additional information
By means of booking from a Supplier, you agree and confirm that you are subject to conditions of the relevant Supplier applied in case of cancellation and non-use of booking (including additional information provided on our Platform by the Supplier and relevant facility rules of the Supplier) and the additional conditions and terms (related to procurement) to be applied to your booking during your visit or accommodation including services and/or goods provided by the accommodation supplier. It is possible that Suppliers can collect a small amount of the credit card booking price as pre-provision from your credit card while booking within the scope of terms of payment shared with you by the Suppliers.
The general terms applied by the Suppliers in case of cancellation or non-use of booking are provided in the Supplier information pages on our Platform and in the e-mail message or (if applicable) in the ticket sent for confirmation, and repeated while booking. Please note that specific prices and special opportunities does not allow cancellation or change. In case of unused booking or paid cancellation, relevant city/tourist tax might be collected by the Supplier. Please confirm if there are such conditions by means of checking the room details in-depth before completing your booking. Please note that a booking requiring pre-payment or (full or partial) pre-payment might be canceled (without warning or notification in advance) if relevant (remaining) amount(s) is/are not paid fully on the relevant date of payment specified per the relevant payment term of the Supplier and booking. Cancellation and pre-payment conditions might vary by the type of room. Please read the additional information (below the types of rooms on our Platforms or at the bottom of each Supplier page) and the key information in your booking confirmation carefully for any additional condition (e.g. age requirement, security instruction, non-cancellation for groups/additional requirements, additional bed/paid breakfast, pets/cards accepted) to be applied by the Supplier. Late payment, incorrect bank, credit card or money card information, invalid credit card/money card or insufficient balance are at your care, and you shall not be able to request for any refund for any (without return) pre-paid amount unless agreed by the Supplier or otherwise agreed per (pre) payment and cancellation conditions.
You are required to follow the instructions provided in the e-mail message sent for confirmation to review, change or cancel your booking. Please note that a penalty fee might be collected from you or you might not get a refund for (pre) paid amounts for your cancellation as per (pre) payment within the cancellation and unused booking conditions of the facility. We recommend you to read the cancellation, (pre) payment and unused booking conditions of the facility carefully before completing your booking, and remember to make your remaining payments in time as per the relevant booking.
If you will arrive late at the facility on your check-in date or check-in for the facility the next day after check-in date, make sure that you inform the Supplier (timely/appropriately) for your booking or room not to be canceled or an unused booking fee is not applied. Our customer relations department can assist you if you need any help for informing the Supplier. refuses any responsibility in relation to arriving late at the facility or cancellation of the booking by the Supplier or application of unused booking fee.
Intellectual property rights
Unless otherwise stated, and its suppliers have the intellectual property rights (including copy rights) of the software required for our services, provided on the Platform or used by the Platform, and content and information and material on our web site. is the owner of all the rights (including guest evaluations and translated content) of the Platform where service is provided, title holder for its name and anything related to the site (with all the intellectual property rights) (like appearance and style, including the infrastructure) and none of them can be copied, taken, (hyper/deep) connected, published, promoted, marketed or integrated,
used, combined with anything else or its content (including translations and guest evaluations) or brand cannot be used in other forms without our written permission. If you (fully or partially) use our (Translated) content (including guest evaluations) or combine it with other things or assume intellectual property right on our Platform or (translated) content or guest evaluations, you agree to assign, transfer and deliver all these intellectual property rights to as indicated in this letter. An illegal use or performance of abovementioned actions and behaviors constitute an essential violation of our intellectual property rights (including copyright and database rights).
As per the procedure specified by the US Digital Millennium Copy Right Act (“DMCA”), we respond to the claims made against us for copyright and terminate the accounts of those who repeat violations.
We provide the information to help copyright owners to be able to manage their intellectual properties in the online environment. Account
You might need to have an Account to be able to use certain services of ours. You can create your account on your own. Keep your password confidential to protect your account. You shall have the responsibility of the activities on your Account or through your account. Try not to use the password of your Account with third party applications.
Applicable Law, Competent Court and Enforcement Offices
This Privacy/Personal Data Protection Policy and Communication Permit is governed by the laws of Republic of Turkey. Istanbul Central (Caglayan) Court and Enforcement offices shall be authorized for resolution of any type of dispute arising from implementation of Privacy/Personal Data Protection Policy and Communication Permit.