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We have many reasons to work with your smart travel business partner Minirez.
Minirez; It is B2C mattress bank that provides many services such as hotel reservation, Online Check-in, Tour, Gulet - Yacht, Caravan, Transfer in real time.
The partners included in the Minirez platform can access the tour packages of thousands of Agents with one click, as well as easily upload their own products to this platform.
Minirez will increase the cooperation opportunities of Hotels and Travel Agencies among themselves and will provide brand new services to the guests.
With its payment infrastructure, the domestic maturity offers the opportunity to pay in installments of TL and abroad with the amount of € $ £.
(İş bank, Garanti, Yapı Kredi, Akbank, Finansbank)
The travel agencies API registered to Minirez adds the Hotel, Charter Flight, Tour, Transfer, Gulet, Caravan, Camping services available to the portfolio in its portfolio without the need for XML integration, and offers B2C real-time sales to its visitors from its website.
(Registration is free and your account is instantly confirmed.)
1- Earn up to 50% of the commission on bookings made on your site.
2- Earn 92.5% by giving 7.5% commission from the sale of every service you add to Minirez.
3- You can create your own B2B hotel, tour portfolio in Minirez, you can only sell from your own site.
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