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We are writing you to share with you our latest project called Minirez - a hotel management and Agency B2C Global marketing system.
 Minirez is a Cloud based artificial intelligence (AI) price scoring, hotel reservation, online hotel check-in service, dynamic tour package and B2C global bed bank that provides transfer transactions in real time. So, shortly, what this project is meant to be is a platform on which hotels, agencies and several services like transfers, tours, payments and online hotel check-in are put together in order to ease things up.
 Travel agencies can easily enrich their portfolio by adding the hotels, tours and transfer services registered in the Minirez system.
Moreover, Minirez allows agencies to sell their products from their website to individuals in a B2C model.
 Minirez, whose first phase has been completed now, will be integrated into international systems in the next steps and will be used worldwide 
 The hotels that are Minirez members can access all the hotel prices in real time in the system through extranet. If these hotels do not have enough available rooms, they can make reservations at their neighbouring hotels.
One of the distinctive features of Minirez is the cloud base check-in service which allows guests to finish their check-in process prior to their arrival to the hotel.
 Apart from this project, we also offer various services such as designing and updating websites so that they bring more followers, and offering the possibility to have attached a booking engine that brings profit. 
 If you are curious about us, take a look at and start offering your services to the world.